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Frequently Asked Questions

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Loft Insulation

What is Loft Insulation?
As much as 26% of wasted heat can be lost through the roof of the average home. To reduce this heat loss, a blanket of insulation material (usually glass wool made from recycled glass) is laid between and over the joists in the loft.

This acts as a barrier preventing heat loss through the roof. The current recommended depth is at least 250mm (almost 10 inches).
Why Do I need Loft Insulation?
Loft insulation will make your home warmer and should enable you to turn down your heating. This will save you money by saving energy and in turn will reduce household carbon emissions which are believed to contribute to global warming and climate change.
How Much Loft Insulation do I Need ?
To meet current Building Regulations you need at least 250mm of insulation. This is usually laid as 100mm between the ceiling joists and 150mm laid over the joists, If you have existing insulation, it may be possible to top this up to the current standard (subject to survey). Grants are available for those whose loft has less than 60mm of existing insulation.
How do I find out how much Loft Insulation I Have ?
Simply push a tape measure or ruler down the side of a piece of loft insulation until it hits the plasterboard ceiling and read off the depth. If you do not want to go into the loft yourself, don't worry, the surveyor will do this when he surveys your property.
How Long Will the Insulation Last?
If it is undisturbed, the insulation will last for many years and is designed to last for the life of the house. However, regular disturbance such as lifting and re-laying may diminish the effectiveness of the insulation material. Ingress of pests such as pigeons into your loft can also result in damage to the material which may the need to be replaced.
Is Loft Insulation Safe?
Modern insulation is completely safe for its intended use,. There are no associated risks.

Some people experience a mild irritation on close, prolonged contact with the material but this frequency of contact should never be necessary in the home environment.
How Long Does it take to Install Loft Insulation?
For the average 3-bedroomed house it will take up to 2 hours. If you have a larger home it may take a little longer. Remember that many bungalows have a larger loft space than the average house.
Does it make a Mess?
There will be minimal disruption to your home. The technicians will need to carry the insulation material through your home to the loft hatch. Once in the loft they will unpack and lay the material safely. They will clear and remove all tools, waste and packaging.
Do I Need to Clear My Loft, I use it for Storage?
Yes, you will need to clear the loft of any unwanted items or stored objects before the insulation is installed.

Discuss your storage requirements with us at the time of survey. They may be able to lay loft boards to provide storage space. This may depend upon the size and layout of your loft and the size of the loft hatch. An additional charge would be payable for this service.
If I have any Concerns about the Loft Insulation, What Should I Do?
Talk to us and explain your worries. We will investigate and deal with any insulation problems that may arise.