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Frequently Asked Questions

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Green Deal

What is the Green Deal?
The Green Deal is a new, government-backed initiative which helps meet the upfront cost of making energy saving improvements to your home or business. Expected energy savings, over the lifetime of the products, are then used to pay back the loan through your electricity bill.
Who Can Apply?
Homeowners & businesses can both benefit from the Green Deal scheme.
What Does Green Deal Cover?
The Green Deal scheme covers approx. 45 energy efficiency "methods" that enable you to reduce you carbon footprint and lower your bills, these include cavity wall insulation, loft insulation etc.
What Happens if I Sell My House?
The Green Deal is attached to your property and not to you as an individual, so if you sell your house your Green Deal arrangement will transfer over to the new home owner.

If the buyer of your house does not feel comfortable taking over the Green Deal loan then you may be forced to repay the Green Deal off early.
Is work done under the Green Deal guaranteed?
Yes. Government regulations mean that measures carried out under your Green Deal are guaranteed for a minimum of five years. If your house is damaged as a result of any Green Deal works, for example if installing a new boiler damages your existing plumbing, then this is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years.
Can I still switch energy suppliers if I have a Green Deal?
In most cases you can still switch energy suppliers if you have taken out a Green Deal, as all of the larger providers (British Gas, EDF, Eon, Npower, Scottish Power and SSE) are currently part of the scheme.

However there are a handful of small energy suppliers that you will not be able to switch to if you take out a Green Deal, as they are not part of the Green Deal scheme.